Sneak Peek – Luke & Jenna at Prestwold Hall

Prestwold Hall wedding on a lovely October day.

A week after being at Prestwold Hall for the first time I was lucky enough to return the following week for another stunning wedding. This time it was turn of Luke and Jenna from Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire. Their big day was a wonderful celebration. They were even lucky enough to get a dry and pleasant day in October.

In preparation to their big day we went on a engagement shoot up to Bradgate Park. Their wedding day soon came round and it didn’t disappoint. From the lads checking Youtube on how to tie their ties, a beautiful reading by Jenna’s brother and right through to Jenna throwing her bouquet. Their wonderful wedding day was thoroughly enjoyed by Luke & Jenna’s family and friends.

The church and Prestwold Hall were beautifully decorated with flowers made by the wonderful florist Flowers By Sarah. Jenna wore a beautiful wedding dress from Bradgate Brides and looked fabulous. The pale blue colour theme was wonderfully done with the bridesmaids dresses and groomsman’s accessories. Their wedding car was an awesome white Bentley, that also sounded amazing.

At the beginning of the week they have set to a wonderful honeymoon location. We hope you both have a wonderful time on your honeymoon. We would also like to wish you both another huge congratulations once again and thank you again for letting me be apart of your big day.

All the best,


Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Mitchell Photography wedding photography at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Venue: Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire

Wedding Dress: Bradgate Brides

Florist: Flowers By Sarah, Quorn, Leicestershire

Band: The Kicks

Cake: Helen Alborn Cakes

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Sneak Peek – David & Jennifer at Ashton Lodge Country House

Ashton Lodge Country House – A lovely lemon wedding!

Our last wedding in August this year was in Warwickshire for David & Jennifer’s big day. Following on from their engagement shoot we knew this was going to be fantastic wedding.

When we arrived at Ashton Lodge Country House we took a wander around the venue and were truly impressed with their marquee and the greens. The venue was beautiful decorated with lovely lemon the theme for day. The theme was wonderfully executed and the flowers by Simply Flowers By Catherine were simply awesome.

We enjoyed our day documenting their wedding day with their family and friends. From capturing the ‘I do’ to the lads doing their ‘reservoir dogs’ walk. Needless to say it was a laugh throughout.

Mitchell-Photography-ashton-lodge-country-house-Weddings-Leicester-Loughborough-001 Mitchell-Photography-ashton-lodge-country-house-Weddings-Leicester-Loughborough-002 Mitchell-Photography-ashton-lodge-country-house-Weddings-Leicester-Loughborough-003

Venue: Ashton Lodge Country House,Warwickshire

Wedding Dress: Brides of Solihull

Florist: Simply Flowers By Catherine

Band: Diono Baptiste & Dueling Drums

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Sneak Peek – Mark & Caroline Wedding at Beaumanor Hall

A wonderful wedding at Beaumanor Hall in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire

A couple of weeks ago we were a part of another wedding at Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire. We were there to document the perfect wedding day for Mark & Caroline. The beautiful venue is hidden away in Woodhouse Eves but as you drive down to the hall you see the wonderful setting for a wedding.

They were married in a stunning church, St. Mary’s in Anstey, before heading to Beaumanor Hall to celebrate with their family and friends.

Wedding Photography by Mitchell Photography, Leicester, UK. Wedding Photography by Mitchell Photography, Leicester, UK. Wedding at Beaumanor Hall. Wedding Photography by Mitchell Photography, Leicester, UK. Wedding Photography by Mitchell Photography, Leicester, UK. Wedding at Beaumanor Hall. Wedding Photography by Mitchell Photography, Leicester, UK.

Church: St. Mary’s, Anstey

Venue: Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire

Florist: Designer Daisies – Syston

Band: Wild Clover (Irish Band)


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Sneak Peek – Tom & Sarah – The Carriage Hall

Yesterday we had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful wedding of Tom and Sarah. We got to spend the day documenting their big day at The Carriage Hall, Plumtree in Nottinghamshire.

Tom and Sarah had everything perfect for wedding, the weather was fantastic, lovely venue and some fantastic family and friends. We last met Tom & Sarah on their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago and they just seemed as relaxed yesterday as they did then.

We hope your day was perfect and congratulations again to you both!

It was a pleasure to be a part of their day.

Keep Smiling.

N x

Wedding Photography at The Carriage Hall, Plumtree, Nottingham.

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Preparing for your Wedding as a Groom

I’ve been allowed to write a little blog post!! So guys it’s Kane for tonight and I thought I’d share some tips of what I found useful, as a groom preparing for your wedding day. I apologise now because this post may be rubbish, I’m a big tech geek and I’m sure that will come across but if it is no good at all please just bear with me. I don’t tend to write because I am atrocious at it, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Firstly let me explain that I am not in anyway trying to say I did most of the planning as that would be a lie. Natalie knew what she wanted and did the hard work and I agreed where and when I needed to. Although during this experience there were things that I believe really made a difference in our planning. Now I have made that clear Natalie won’t think I’m trying to take credit for it.

Preparing for your wedding day…


This is a amazing! There are many “to do list” apps available but Todoist is by far the best one I have used.

I found this tool was a whole load more useful as the months closed in to the big day. I setup a project for our wedding and from there I could add jobs that needed to be done just like most to do list apps would. But where Todoist really stood out was the fact I could invite others to join this project. So I was able to share this project with Natalie and anyone else who was involved in the planning and from there I was able to assign jobs to individuals. This saved my bacon a few times, because we were planning a wedding in a different county, I added my Dad to the project. This meant I wasn’t calling him every two minutes to find out what has been done or what needed to be done.  Different users could even comment on different jobs so we could keep up to date with what was happening if it wasn’t complete yet. There is a premium version but I never felt the need to pay for the full version during the wedding planning.

Also Todoist is available to use on your web browser, Android and iOS devices so you can have access where ever you are.

I couldn’t recommended this enough, this helped us get all the nitty gritty stuff done and I’m sure without it we would have forgotten things. Although we still had a rush on the Friday, at least we knew what was left to do.

Todoist - The best to do list app around and perfect to help you in preparing for your wedding.

 Google Drive

Firstly let me by saying that we use Google Drive everyday and it’s really changed the way Natalie and I work together. We store all of our documents and files we need to share on Google Drive so we can access it wherever we are and on a number of different devices. The biggest change we’ve found to how we work is that it now means we no longer need to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) for any documents we create. So we can edit everything we create without the need for Microsoft Office. Not only that but you can edit on any device, so I could be on my phone editing in the middle of town, whilst Natalie was wedding shopping… again, providing I had an internet connection.

And this also costs us nothing, that’s right it’s FREE!

I have now told you how awesome Google Drive is to use but I haven’t explained how it helped me on preparing for the wedding. Well actually everything we did using Google Drive could be done using Microsoft Office but it just doesn’t make sense to for us.

Biggest and most important document we created was our budgeting and contacts spreadsheet. This was one of the first things we created and I’m glad it was. It helped me understand the costs we were expecting to pay for each vendor. We added our budget for each service we needed, then when we booked a vendor we would update it with the actual cost, add their details, keep a note of the deposit paid and also note when the full balance needed to paid by. You can also add any receipts and contracts in to the folders, keeping everything together. We also tracked our monthly savings and what we needed to save to be able to pay everyone.

Okay so maybe this one wasn’t really about using Google Drive but about creating a spreadsheet of costs you’re expecting to pay and detailed information on who you have to pay and when.

But do starting using Google Drive!

Google Drive - Stores all your files relating to preparing for your wedding.


I’ll be honest I’m not the most active user of Pinterest but Natalie is, she created a board where we could collect all of our wedding ideas. Now this was a fantastic way of collating wedding ideas and I would really recommended it, even more so to brides. As a groom it became even better for me to understand what Natalie was trying to achieve for our big day.

But where Pinterest did help me was when Natalie wanted my input for the wedding, if it’s wedding related you’ll find it on there and look like a hero at the end of it!

Learn how to tie your cravat or tie beforehand

A simple one really and I’m sure most people know how to tie a tie but I don’t. Having your Dad and Best man doing your tie on the morning of your wedding does make you feel a bit daft so I would certainly recommend learning how to do it. But now I have a wife to do it for me so…

On the Big Day

Things will go wrong but don’t worry

What can you do now, you just need to get to ceremony. Things went wrong for us on the morning of, but there was very little we could do.

I let myself get stressed over an issue on the wedding morning but there wasn’t much I could do about it. Luckily I was surrounded by family and friends that did what they could to help. It wasn’t a perfect fix to how we imagined but it was a fix.

Have a good best man

Now I’m sure you’ll know already if you have a good best man dependent on the success of your stag do. In my case the stag do was unbelievable and was incredibly organised so I knew I had picked the right guy. I had complete faith in him!

But… I wasn’t aware until after the service that he had actually forgotten our wedding rings when we first got to church and it wasn’t until the Reverend mentioned it he remembered. As I stood nervously at the front of the church it turned out he had done a runner to get the rings and only made it back with a few minutes remaining. I thought I was meant to do the runner?!

This does make a good little story but I can’t complain the rings were there on time and throughout the whole wedding preparation Liam was awesome and a great hand. He even sorted our table plan out when Natalie and I gave up on it.

When you have someone who will do anything to help really makes a massive difference.

Enjoy every second

On the day I was extremely nervous for the service but that was it, I had to concentrate so hard not to mess up my vows but I was slightly relieved when Natalie burst out laughing during our vows, messing it up slightly but it definitely calmed my nerves! Once this was over the feeling is unbelievable, the formal bit was over and now we had all of our family and friends with us for our special day. Knowing that so many people had made the effort to attend and get all suited and booted for our day it was just a surreal feeling.

As any bride and groom we didn’t want it to end, the day just went so fast but we’ll never forget it.

All I can say is enjoy every second and try and talk to everyone, Natalie and I still can’t help but talk and laugh about the day! Now we have the eager wait for our photos! Eek!

I really hope this helps you guys preparing for your wedding and hopefully I’ll be allowed to write another post soon!


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