First Dance Song Ideas

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Most Grooms spend so much time stressing over the speeches, Brides stress over the rest of the day. It’s only natural, but just when you think it’s over, you’ve had the wedding breakfast, the speeches are done… you’re on the home straight. You can see the finish line. It’s just the first dance to do and you can stop stressing and enjoy yourself! Some Brides and Grooms dread the first dance. Some couples go for it whole-heartedly. Some stand in the middle of the dance floor swaying, some re-produce the Dirty Dancing routine (although we are yet to see a completely choreographed routine *hint hint*).

To be honest it is an extremely intimate, emotionally charged point during your big day. No one’s expecting you to be the next Fred and Ginger, you just need to enjoy the moment with your new husband or wife. But how do you pick the song? Do you go for ‘your song?’ And by that I don’t mean Your Song by Ellie Goulding, I mean your’s and your partners song, the song that reminds you of each other? Or do you Google ‘first dance song ideas,’ to find an appropriate song? Kane and I had a few ideas in mind, firstly our ‘couple,’ song was veto’d immediately. Unfortunately, we decided Westlife was just a little too embarrassing, even if it is ‘our song!’ And that’s far too much information now! Moving swiftly on…


We had a few title contenders including Enrique Iglesias ‘Hero,’ Adele’s ‘One and Only,’ and ‘A Thousand Years,’ by Christina Perri. But I decided I wanted to walk down the aisle to Christina Perri instead, so worked it in to our day like that instead à la Twilight. However when we heard our first dance song, we knew immediately that it had to be that song. Although it is quite an upbeat song we asked our incredibly talented musician, Richie Phillips, if he could play it for us. He certainly didn’t disappoint, but enough about him for now – you’ll be hearing loads more about him soon enough!

So I thought I’d share with you a shortlist of first dance songs that we fought over, you never know you might find your first dance idea here!

And then we heard it. Considering it was on an album I constantly played, it had never made itself an obvious choice. But trying to persuade Kane to have a Beyoncé as our first dance, I thought I’d have a huge fight on my hands. And with lyrics like ‘In the darkest night hour, I’ll search through the crowd, Your face is all that I see, I’ll give you everything,’ made it an easy choice. Looking back it was quite an obvious choice because Beyoncé tickets were the first surprise Kane ever managed to keep a surprise (I guess and he can’t lie!) so it meant that bit more I guess.

When people asked what song we were having, telling them it was a Beyoncé song did raise a few eyebrows, but who cares. It was our moment. Just remember that. It’s about you, no-one else.

Be creative. Think outside the box. Make it yours.

Because that is what will make it memorable.

And on that note, here’s Beyoncé, XO.

Keep Smiling.

N x


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Preparing for your Wedding as a Groom

I’ve been allowed to write a little blog post!! So guys it’s Kane for tonight and I thought I’d share some tips of what I found useful, as a groom preparing for your wedding day. I apologise now because this post may be rubbish, I’m a big tech geek and I’m sure that will come across but if it is no good at all please just bear with me. I don’t tend to write because I am atrocious at it, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Firstly let me explain that I am not in anyway trying to say I did most of the planning as that would be a lie. Natalie knew what she wanted and did the hard work and I agreed where and when I needed to. Although during this experience there were things that I believe really made a difference in our planning. Now I have made that clear Natalie won’t think I’m trying to take credit for it.

Preparing for your wedding day…


This is a amazing! There are many “to do list” apps available but Todoist is by far the best one I have used.

I found this tool was a whole load more useful as the months closed in to the big day. I setup a project for our wedding and from there I could add jobs that needed to be done just like most to do list apps would. But where Todoist really stood out was the fact I could invite others to join this project. So I was able to share this project with Natalie and anyone else who was involved in the planning and from there I was able to assign jobs to individuals. This saved my bacon a few times, because we were planning a wedding in a different county, I added my Dad to the project. This meant I wasn’t calling him every two minutes to find out what has been done or what needed to be done.  Different users could even comment on different jobs so we could keep up to date with what was happening if it wasn’t complete yet. There is a premium version but I never felt the need to pay for the full version during the wedding planning.

Also Todoist is available to use on your web browser, Android and iOS devices so you can have access where ever you are.

I couldn’t recommended this enough, this helped us get all the nitty gritty stuff done and I’m sure without it we would have forgotten things. Although we still had a rush on the Friday, at least we knew what was left to do.

Todoist - The best to do list app around and perfect to help you in preparing for your wedding.

 Google Drive

Firstly let me by saying that we use Google Drive everyday and it’s really changed the way Natalie and I work together. We store all of our documents and files we need to share on Google Drive so we can access it wherever we are and on a number of different devices. The biggest change we’ve found to how we work is that it now means we no longer need to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) for any documents we create. So we can edit everything we create without the need for Microsoft Office. Not only that but you can edit on any device, so I could be on my phone editing in the middle of town, whilst Natalie was wedding shopping… again, providing I had an internet connection.

And this also costs us nothing, that’s right it’s FREE!

I have now told you how awesome Google Drive is to use but I haven’t explained how it helped me on preparing for the wedding. Well actually everything we did using Google Drive could be done using Microsoft Office but it just doesn’t make sense to for us.

Biggest and most important document we created was our budgeting and contacts spreadsheet. This was one of the first things we created and I’m glad it was. It helped me understand the costs we were expecting to pay for each vendor. We added our budget for each service we needed, then when we booked a vendor we would update it with the actual cost, add their details, keep a note of the deposit paid and also note when the full balance needed to paid by. You can also add any receipts and contracts in to the folders, keeping everything together. We also tracked our monthly savings and what we needed to save to be able to pay everyone.

Okay so maybe this one wasn’t really about using Google Drive but about creating a spreadsheet of costs you’re expecting to pay and detailed information on who you have to pay and when.

But do starting using Google Drive!

Google Drive - Stores all your files relating to preparing for your wedding.


I’ll be honest I’m not the most active user of Pinterest but Natalie is, she created a board where we could collect all of our wedding ideas. Now this was a fantastic way of collating wedding ideas and I would really recommended it, even more so to brides. As a groom it became even better for me to understand what Natalie was trying to achieve for our big day.

But where Pinterest did help me was when Natalie wanted my input for the wedding, if it’s wedding related you’ll find it on there and look like a hero at the end of it!

Learn how to tie your cravat or tie beforehand

A simple one really and I’m sure most people know how to tie a tie but I don’t. Having your Dad and Best man doing your tie on the morning of your wedding does make you feel a bit daft so I would certainly recommend learning how to do it. But now I have a wife to do it for me so…

On the Big Day

Things will go wrong but don’t worry

What can you do now, you just need to get to ceremony. Things went wrong for us on the morning of, but there was very little we could do.

I let myself get stressed over an issue on the wedding morning but there wasn’t much I could do about it. Luckily I was surrounded by family and friends that did what they could to help. It wasn’t a perfect fix to how we imagined but it was a fix.

Have a good best man

Now I’m sure you’ll know already if you have a good best man dependent on the success of your stag do. In my case the stag do was unbelievable and was incredibly organised so I knew I had picked the right guy. I had complete faith in him!

But… I wasn’t aware until after the service that he had actually forgotten our wedding rings when we first got to church and it wasn’t until the Reverend mentioned it he remembered. As I stood nervously at the front of the church it turned out he had done a runner to get the rings and only made it back with a few minutes remaining. I thought I was meant to do the runner?!

This does make a good little story but I can’t complain the rings were there on time and throughout the whole wedding preparation Liam was awesome and a great hand. He even sorted our table plan out when Natalie and I gave up on it.

When you have someone who will do anything to help really makes a massive difference.

Enjoy every second

On the day I was extremely nervous for the service but that was it, I had to concentrate so hard not to mess up my vows but I was slightly relieved when Natalie burst out laughing during our vows, messing it up slightly but it definitely calmed my nerves! Once this was over the feeling is unbelievable, the formal bit was over and now we had all of our family and friends with us for our special day. Knowing that so many people had made the effort to attend and get all suited and booted for our day it was just a surreal feeling.

As any bride and groom we didn’t want it to end, the day just went so fast but we’ll never forget it.

All I can say is enjoy every second and try and talk to everyone, Natalie and I still can’t help but talk and laugh about the day! Now we have the eager wait for our photos! Eek!

I really hope this helps you guys preparing for your wedding and hopefully I’ll be allowed to write another post soon!


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A loose guide to planning your wedding…

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It’s a daunting yet exciting thing planning a wedding don’t you think? And let’s face it you’ve probably got your whole ideal wedding planned in your head since you were little, I know I have and if you haven’t you most certainly should of since Pinterest started. Now it’s just a case of getting it all arranged.


The best bit of advice that every couple should know is to take your time. Don’t rush any decisions and think them through. We fortunately, due to all of our amazing clients, set a date for two years time. I say fortunately because that gives us time to plan thoroughly, take time off without letting any of you guys down and time to also save enough to have the wedding we have dreamed of. By having more time to plan should also reduce your stress levels considerably too, but don’t hold me to that!

So with that in mind, you really should be at least throwing dates around. Ours was quite simple to choose. We are both from different parts of England so either way one side would have to travel, so we decided whenever the date was it’d be a bank holiday weekend so people wouldn’t have to rush around.

Generally speaking it would also be beneficial to sit down and work out a budget, along with this I would highly recommend writing a guest list. That way you can work out how much it would cost and if needs be you can reduce the guest list to be more accommodating to your budget.

The one thing I found I had decided on pretty much immediately was my half of the bridal party. Like I said I have had this planned for years, but when picking your bridal party be careful, you need to make sure they’re reliable and be there to stop you having a nervous breakdown, calm you down when you’re in bridezilla mode and help you pick out your perfect dress. I made sure I promised my bridesmaids there would be no puffy dresses or ugly colours if they can deal with the madness! So much so this is how I asked each of them…

Ask A Bridesmaid

It was something completely different and each of them have now framed it because they loved it so much! Honestly I know I go on about Pinterest (they should be paying me to endorse them!) but they have some of the greatest ideas, that I would never of even thought of had I not seen it on there.

So when you start thinking about booking things there is one big thing that people tend to forget about until months after booking the venue, the caterers and the ceremony.

Yes, you guessed it the photographer.

It seems bizarre to me, although I am on the other side of the lens, that people would simply forget or think it any less important than the venue. As with everything you have to book quick to ensure you get what you want. You don’t want to be disappointed by having to find the one you want has been booked already.

They say that the budget for your photography and videography should be roughly 10% of your whole budget. You may scoff at that and think that I am being biased, but my logic in this is that once you’ve said the ‘I do’s’ and danced your first dance, what will you have left afterwards besides your marriage?

The photographs.

And with that we are more concerned about who we have take our wedding photographs, which I’m sure I’ll be blogging about, rather than where we get married.

Once the main things like the venue and photographer have been booked, you can breathe a little sigh of relief. Because now you get to go shopping! You have so much more to think about like your dress, the suits, flowers, rings, table decorations and the invites.

But you don’t have to do this on your own. There are so many people out there that can help, many people like the thought of doing it themselves but why not take a look at a wedding planner? Or if you want to do it yourself there are so many wedding planning apps on your respective smart phones!

As I said its a loose guide to planning, I have done my own research in to such things for our own and it takes your breath away at how much there is to plan. But don’t let that stop you from planning what will surely be the best day of your life!!

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Tips for choosing your Wedding Photographer

As an engaged couple trying to plan a wedding, we know the trials and tribulations of having to plan a wedding. So today I thought I’d write a blog giving you some tips on how to start your search for a photographer!

Whether you are on a tight budget or able to have a little extravagance, the one thing that should be an essential on your big day is a photographer.

You probably think that I’m just saying that because we’re photographers, but this post is purely from a bridal point of view. The way I see it is that after the big day is done, you have your new husband or wife and realise that the day went by in such a haze of happiness and celebration that without a photographer, you will have missed out or forgotten some of the great things that you spent months, some years planning.

Now from a photographers point of view, the feeling it gives us delivering our clients images is such an amazing feeling. To know that our clients are happy that we captured their day perfectly is what keeps us going. People forget that what we do doesn’t just stop after the full day of shooting the wedding. So to know that our hard work is very much appreciated just gives us a fantastic feeling.

So tip number one for picking the right wedding photographer is…

Work out how important wedding photography is for you.

If you know that images are paramount then budget for a photographer. They say that of your total budget, 12% should be spent on your photographer and related products. If you are unable to afford a ‘professional,’ speak to them first (I say this from our experience, we are always happy to help and always willing to accommodate client requests.)

Just remember though that anything under £800 you really need to question why they are that cheap. Cheap is cheap for a reason, and students are students, they are still learning so truly question if you want to give someone that huge responsibility for the sake of saving money. Remember it is an investment and should be treated as such. These images will be your keepsake for the day, so ensure you do it right!Mitchell-Photography-Weddings-Leciester_0002

Know What You Want!

When you have decided your budget, you then need to decide on what style of photography you want and what it is you want from your photographer.

You have so many different styles so do your research!

Traditional wedding photography provides more classical, posed images, which have slowly been dominated by other styles due to the fact that this style rarely captures those candid moments that are now so popular.

Reportage wedding photography, also known as photo-journalistic or documentary, has become extremely popular over recent years as it provides a much more natural style, where the photographer captures the day in an unobtrusive manner. It captures the day as it happens, generally telling your wedding day as a story in pictures. Like this type of image.

Contemporary wedding photography, also known as creative or modern wedding photography, is a mix of traditional and reportage wedding photography. The photographer will set shots up to create a more artistic approach. Something like this.

– At Mitchell Photography we pride ourselves on our style of photography, we think we have a well blended mix of reportage and contemporary style which captures your day as naturally as possible, but getting some artistic images for your perfect album!

Also know what you want from the photographer in terms of products. At the end of the day you should think of it as an investment, so know whether you want your images as prints, on disk with a license to print yourself, albums or wall art.



We ultimately believe that if you don’t get on with your photographer, it is highly likely that you wont feel comfortable in front of their camera. And trust us when we say never underestimate the importance of liking your photographer. Both artistically and personally.

We feel that in order to make sure we get on with our clients it is essential to meet with them, a free no obligation meet to establish this relationship. A great way to create a perfect working relationship is to invest in an engagement shoot, think of it as a rehearsal for the big day!

Plus there are so many things you can do with the images afterwards, we enjoy creating guestbooks for the bride and groom using the images and it goes down a treat with their guests!

You need to be happy with your choice of photographer in order to produce the happiest images. The perfect image will transport you straight to that memory and this is what we aim to do!

So I hope this has helped a little in your quest to find the perfect wedding photographer.

Keep Smiling!

N x

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