Just a little excited about Jurassic World!

I cannot wait to see the new Jurassic Park... Jurassic World!!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s Kane again, I’ve hijacked the blog to add a quick post. We’ve had a busy few weeks with weddings, engagement shoots and plenty of editing to keep us ahead.

This week though I’m just a little excited and I’m sure Natalie is sick of me talking about it and watching YouTube trailers. On Thursday I’m off to see a film that I have been so excited to see for the last two years. Unfortunately Natalie doesn’t share the same love and enthusiasm as I do so I’m off to see it with a friend.


I’m sure (well I hope) there are other people just as excited as myself to see this film. Jurassic Park was one of the first films I remember watching, I watched it with my Dad on VHS back in the mid-nineties (yeah I’m a little too young to have seen it in the cinema). As a dinosaur crazed 7/8 year old it was the perfect film but it did scare me. To this day I still struggle to watch the raptors in the kitchen (they’re scary okay!!!). So fingers crossed no raptors get into any kitchens otherwise I may have to close my eyes!

I think I must have watched every trailer for this film to try and curp my excitement but it hasn’t helped. I just hope it lives up to my expectations and I may even have to trap Natalie into going. Although to do that I may have to tell her that Chris Pratt is topless throughout the film, she’ll never know until she sees it.

Is anyone else excited? Who’s off to see it on the opening night?

Anyway I need to go and get on with some editing if I’m taking tomorrow night off.  I’m sure everyone is ready for a change from wedding related posted.

So “Hold on to your butts.


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Our 2014 Selfies

Kane & Natalie selfies of 2014.

Well who doesn’t love a few selfies.

Kane and I love to take selfies and get them where ever we go or just for fun and we even try and get one at weddings we photograph. They’re an awesome way to keep track of stuff we did together and plus we’re photographers and no one takes photos of us.

Mitchell Photography - Kane and Natalie's 2014 selfies

So we wanted to share some of our selfies from 2014 and I’m sure you’ll agree Kane’s hair looks dreadful in 60% of these photos.

Keep smiling!

N x

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“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

Wedding Photography at Beaumanor Hall, Loughborough, Leicester, UK.

It’s the thrill of the hustle and bustle, the madness, the excitement, the nerves.

We love that our photos will eventually tell a story, a story about one man, one woman and their love for one another.

It is these things that make us enjoy every single minute of shooting a wedding.

And it is purely by accident that we fell in to this profession. Kane has always been a self confessed geek, so when he was asked to photograph a family members wedding, he couldn’t say no. At first I was a little skeptical, it’s a very polluted market after all. At the end of the day anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a photographer, but that doesn’t mean they will take good photographs does it?

So when Kane came home with a hunger to improve on the awesome images he’d taken, I have to admit I was a little intrigued. Kane was always online watching tutorials, buying the magazines and attending workshops – technically speaking he had it all and it was all self taught. But like I said he’s a geek so I expected nothing less.

I on the other hand was at university studying a completely unrelated subject, nothing even remotely creative. But I had always loved taking my compact camera around with me and photographing anything and everything. So when Kane got asked to do a second wedding, he asked me to come along. And it wasn’t long before my creativity really started to shine through.

So with Kane’s technical side and my creativity, it seemed the perfect partnership. And it has clearly had an impact because since then we have been inundated not only for wedding images but also family portraits, newborn shots and even school proms!

But this year, after we got engaged ourselves we made the difficult decision that we would no longer offer portrait sessions and would focus on our wedding clients wholeheartedly. It was a difficult decision, naturally, but we felt it was the right move for us so we re-branded and here we are now.

Creatively, of course we clash but as two artists with two different aspects of how the photo should be taken why wouldn’t we clash? If anything this shows just how passionate we are about what we do. Kane wants it to be technically perfect, I want the subject to be perfect. It does sometimes get difficult, especially when we both know what we want but we always end up with the images we imagine.

I personally, love to come up with new ideas however that doesn’t mean that I’ll get them. Pinterest is an exceptional example of where to get inspiration for new shots. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you really need to! I absolutely love this website, so many ideas and not enough time to do them all. Be warned if you’re planning a wedding that you need to be prepared to plan two weddings, your Pinterest wedding and a wedding you can actually afford! I know this is definitely me!

Anyway getting back to what I was saying, it does really depend on the couple who’s wedding we are photographing. If they don’t feel comfortable then the image can reflect that. Which is why we invest a lot of time in to our relationships with our clients, the first point of contact may be through our website, a phone call or even Facebook. We love to chat about their plans and ideas as well as explain what it is we actually do. If they feel at ease, then they will be happier in the knowledge that they will be able to relax in front of the camera, providing much more natural images. Which if you hadn’t noticed from our portfolio is something we thoroughly enjoy shooting, these are the images that will truly tell that story that we are trying to portray.

The natural smiles. The first time the groom sees the bride. The groom fiddling with his ring.

Many brides tell me that they can barely remember the whole day because it goes so fast, so when it comes to it, the photos are the last remaining thing that will completely show that story.

That story, of one man and one woman and their love for one another is just their beginning.

N x

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